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As speculation and debate continue over the candidates for Egypt’s presidency continue, smear campaigns against their characters have already begun. This is not surprising, but BNE would like to set a few things straight, firstly with regard to Dr Mohamed ElBaradei. The former IAEA chief and Nobel Prize winner announced his intention to run for the presidency a long time ago, and has been speaking for change in Egypt for even longer. Unfortunately his opponents are attempting to vilify him and his message for clear and democratic change. Some of these attempts are petty, such as a story in Al-Ahram about him cutting to the front of the line to vote which eye-witnesses made clear was untrue, while others are much more serious and unfortunately are likely to be believed by many of Egypt’s uneducated citizenry, and you can guess where they stem from. Unfortunately ElBaradei was attacked when he went to vote, which is an example of extreme ignorance on the part of his attackers. Maybe they don’t understand his perspective. You can see it here:


I won’t necessarily vote for ElBaradei, but there is no doubt that he is experienced. He has been criticised for not having a political background, but perhaps that is what Egypt needs most at this point of transition, a candidate who has no allegiances to political parties in Egypt. He has a distinguished background in foreign affairs and international relations, and he has been calling for change in Egypt long before the Revolution.


Written by BraveNewEgypt

March 26, 2011 at 11:39 pm

Posted in Post-11.02.2011

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