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As Saturday the 19th of March draws nearer, the day set out for the national referendum on the proposed constitutional amendments, the collective outcry for a brand new constitution is growing louder and louder. Most of those involved in the Revolution have denounced the referendum, and the many political parties that are springing up are also opposed. The most notable advocates for the referendum are the Muslim Brotherhood, who not surprisingly have the most to gain from its implementation.

While the many new political factions that have sprung up in the wake of the events of February 11th are still gathering themselves and solidifying their agendas and campaign proposals, the NDP and MB will gain the most. In all likelihood, any new constitution would end up being drafted by members of those two parties, neither of which are legitimate, and neither of which represent the people of Egypt as a whole. Mubarak’s NDP is a disgraced affair, with many continuing to call for its dissolution. The MB on the other hand is a) religiously affiliated and so it should not be a political party, b) it represents such a small minority that it should not be allowed to gain any amount of power through an unfair referendum, and c) its agenda is likely to be completely opposite of the message promoted by the revolution: civil liberties, human rights, and free and liberal Egypt.

By voting no a clear message is sent: the Egyptian people will not accept any masquerade of change; real change must be comprehensive, broad-reaching, and so fundamental that there can be no danger of returning back to the days of Mubarak.



Written by BraveNewEgypt

March 16, 2011 at 11:55 pm

Posted in Post-11.02.2011

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