The Beginning of the End?

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Anti-government protesters hang up a caricature of Mubarak onto the gates of Parliament, with the words: The people want the system to fall

Today is the 16th day. Who would have thought it was possible?

The Guardian’s reporter in Cairo, Jack Shenker reports:

“There’s a growing sense tonight that – with new cabinet appointees resigning, strikes multiplying, state media employees walking out and street protests maintaining their momentum – Egypt’s government is fragmenting fast, particularly as their ‘negotiations’ strategy is rapidly unravelling (more details of this in tomorrow’s Guardian).

“As further evidence, it’s just emerged that some prominent Egyptian companies are running adverts in tomorrow’s local newspapers explicitly distancing themselves from the Mubarak regime (hat-tip to the excellent Hadeel Al-Shalchi).

“The intimate connections between Egypt’s political and business elite are probably the defining feature of Mubarak’s three decades in power, and the source of much resentment amongst ordinary Egyptians – if key business figures now see fit to disassociate themselves from a governing clique that served them so well for so long, that can’t be a good sign for Omar Suleiman and those around him.”

It is difficult not to agree. Instead of crushing morale, increased violence and fear tactics by Mubarak and Omar Suleiman have led to more and more people streaming into the streets, with some saying that Midan el Tahrir is so stuffed with anti-government supporters that that is the reason there has been a spillover onto the street where Parliament is. Whatever the explanation is, we as Egyptians continue to press for our rights and liberties, and above all, our dignity.

There are worrying reports of torture however, see here, and here. Confusingly, there are also reports of freed political prisoners, provided by AlJazeera. There is no doubt that there continues to be torture by the regime, and these reports are chilling.

On a lighter note, labour unions around Egypt have gone on strike.

On to the 17th day.


Written by BraveNewEgypt

February 9, 2011 at 10:22 pm

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