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Mohammed Hasanain Haykal, a legend of Egyptian journalism and one of the most respected figures in Egypt has had an interview with AlJazeera. The main points:

This started by 60,000 people on Facebook, then millions of people came out, a strong resolve turned into a revolution.

The regime repression tools has all collapsed. The only authority is the youth and the army in Egypt

Part of the reaction (by the gov) is to create fear, they overdid it with the camels and the horses … Kidnapping and torture will continue. These are the tools of this regime. It was surprised. This is how it is reacting.

Don’t trust except in the youth, those in Meydan Tahrir are a symbol, but there is an effort to isolate them … The revolution is not just in Meydan Tahrir, there is an attempt to say that it is only them, that is untrue

The four powers in Egypt now are 1 – Omar Suleiman, 2 – Ahmed Shafik, 3 – General Tantawi, 4 – Sami Hafez Anan

Omar Suleiman is holding talks with the youth and opposition like he is talking to Hamas.

Haykal is a truly honourable man. He is not afraid to voice his beliefs, and has been a straighforward journalist his whole career. IT is a pleasure to see him speaking about this Revolution.



Written by BraveNewEgypt

February 9, 2011 at 10:05 pm

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