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A crowd of protesters gathers in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.

Associated Press just released this regarding the meeting between Ahmed Shafiq and the leaders of the opposition:

A self-declared group of Egypt’s elite called the “group of wise men” has circulated ideas to try to break that deadlock. Among them is a proposal that Mubarak “deputise” his vice-president Omar Suleiman with his powers and, for the time being at least, step down in everything but name.
The “wise men,” who are separate from the protesters on the ground, have met twice in recent days with Suleiman and the prime minister, said Amr el-Shobaki, a member of the group. Their proposals also call for the dissolving of the parliament monopolised by the ruling party and the end of emergency laws that give security forces near-unlimited powers.
The protesters are looking into the proposal floated by the “wise men,” said [Abdel-Rahman] Youssef, who is part of the youth movement connected to Nobel peace laureate and prominent reform advocate Mohamed ElBaradei.
“It could be a way out of the crisis,” Youssef said. “But the problem is in the president … he is not getting it that he has become a burden on everybody, psychologically, civicly and militarily.”
Israa Abdel-Fattah, a member of the April 6 group, another of the youth movements driving the demonstrations, said there is support for the wise men’s proposal among protesters.
Youssef underlined that the 12-day-old protests will continue in Tahrir Square until Mubarak goes in an acceptable way.
“There is no force that can get the youth out of the square. Every means was used. Flexibility, violence, live ammunition, and even thugs, and the protesters are still steadfast,” he said.

Yesterday I was too caught up with protests to blog, but here is an excellent summary of the “Day of Departure” demonstration, the largest yet.



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February 5, 2011 at 12:47 pm

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