Today is the Ninth Night

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Fires burn in Midan el Tahrir, likely to have been started by Molotov cocktails.

As my countrymen bravely set up barricades in Midan el Tahrir to protect themselves from the missiles being thrown at them, which include Molotov cocktails, I weep for my country. Just two days ago civilians marched hand in hand in peace to defy Mubarak’s regime; now at least 1500 lie injured, with a reported 3 dead, although the UN reports as many as 300 deaths overall.

What has happened to our Revolution? It was so beautiful. So uplifting. Now it is full of suffering and the blood stains the pavement where Egyptians have been beaten with sticks, rocks, fists, and swords. The whole world has refused to acknowledge the basic fact that these ‘pro-government protesters’ are simply government-sponsored thugs who have been employed to attack the opposition crowds.

People have begun to lose faith, no matter how long and hard protesters still fight to occupy Midan el Tahrir. We cannot lose faith. If this past day has shown anything, it is why we are fighting. For an end to arbitrary violence. For our human rights. For our democratic rights. For a better future for our generation and the next. And where would it be better to fight this battle except in Midan el Tahrir. Liberation Square. We will fight on till we are liberated.

We have faced adversity and violence in this most difficult time, today being the peak. However, we cannot forget that today was the ninth day. And now it is the ninth night. We have defied Mubarak for nine days and nine nights, and counting. The whole world is watching and the whole world is waiting. We must not lose faith. If we lose faith in our own aspirations, then we shall never succeed. Democracy will not magically appear before us. We must reach out and claim it.

It is almost 5 am in Cairo. The city is dark. The main lights in Midan el Tahrir have been turned off, and those that haven’t have been broken by the “pro-government section”. But the fires burn on, and they mirror the fires in our souls that cannot be extinguished by anyone.

We as a people have shaken the very foundations of autocracy in our country, and we must never forget that. But we must not be afraid to continue. Thomas Jefferson once said: “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

He would not have known that more than 200 years after the Revolution that  he helped orchestrate, his words would ring true for another people, a people who also seek their fundamental liberties and right to govern themselves and who are in the midst of their own Revolution.

Today is the ninth night. Do not lose faith.


Written by BraveNewEgypt

February 3, 2011 at 2:42 am

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