ElBaradei Steps Up and Claims: There Is No Going Back

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ElBaradei addresses the crowds in Midan el Tahrir

Mohamed ElBaradei has been interviewed by The Guardian correspondent Jack Shenker for an article to be released in tomorrow’s papers. You wouldn’t have though he would finally step up to the plate and grab the bull by the horns, but emboldened by the momentum of the Revolution, he has done so:

“After today people are realising just what they’re dealing with. Now they’re not just talking about the man responsible leaving the country, they’re also talking about putting him on trial. If he has an iota of dignity left, he should leave. Mubarak has received a vote of no confidence by the entire Egyptian people
Our determination not to hold negotiations with the government until Mubarak leaves has only been strengthened today. First of all this is not a negotiation – we the people have legitimate demands and we would like to tell the government what to do. Our freedom is not up for negotiation. Secondly how can you negotiate with a regime that is killing its people? When I see some of the young people heading on to the streets and then corpses coming back the other way, it makes you cringe that this could be a state [sic]…I will be encouraging people campaigning for change to return to the streets, and I think Friday will be a very big day in that respect. But even if they don’t, even if they are repressed and crushed, there is still no going back.”

The generally diplomatic and soft-speaking ElBaradei has lent his support to a movement that seemed to falter in the streets today due to violence from pro-Mubarak thugs. Despite the increased violence, Friday is scheduled for another huge protest, and ElBaradei acknowledges that. This Revolution is very much still on.


Written by BraveNewEgypt

February 2, 2011 at 6:03 pm

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