Why Omar Suleiman is a Step in the Wrong Direction

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Omar Suleiman, our new non-elected former head of intelligence and confidant of the president, vice president, is not fit to be our Vice President. Look at this excerpt from Jordanian newspaper Ad-Distour:

Israel is worried, Israeli diplomacy is in panic, intelligence and security bodies are so disappointed: why did we fail again in expecting what will happen? … Just have a quick look at Tel Aviv newspapers, you can feel the extent of tension, worry and upset.

Nothing good is coming from Egypt on these days that can make the Israelis happy; only one piece of news that made the window of hope open for Tel Aviv was the instalment of Omar Suleiman as vice-president. They know him well; no one in Israel does not know him or did not meet him. For them, he means the continuation of the regime. He is Mubarakism without Hosni Mubarak.

Omar Suleiman is the choice that was meant to appease the Egyptian people. In fact, his appointment is an appeal to Israel and the US to keep Mubarak in power, because they both know that Suleiman is in their best interests. Algerian newspaper Al-Ahrar:

Mubarak did not learn anything from the Tunisian lesson. He showed up to the Egyptians in his familiar prejudiced way to say that he would not allow that and would not be easy with that and he ended with the resignation of his government and the appointing of a vice-president to him who is the head of the General Intelligence Body, Omar Suleiman.

Mubarak is faltering and he is dragging the US into a quagmire. Washington, out of its recessive keennes on Israel, wants to guarantee the transfer of power in Egypt without the change of the regime and Omar Suleiman is a guarantee for the US and Israel’s interests.

It is a clear indication that Gamal Mubarak won’t be on the list of those who are nominated to succeed Mubarak.

We knew Gamal Mubarak wasn’t going to be on that list. The army didn’t respect him, the people despised him. Omar Suleiman is not a politician. He cannot understand what the people want. He is out of touch. The day of his appointment it was revealed that he has a rather ugly past. Was his appointment really meant to appease us? Were we meant to say, ‘Oh, instead of having no VP, now we have won who tortures people for a living, this really is good news!’ Who runs the PR for Mubarak? Omar Suleiman is likely to keep the Israelis happy. The US know him well and trust him. And that’s exactly why he doesn’t work. I’m not saying we need we shouldn’t have a candidate who is friendly with the US and Israel. We should. But he has to be a voice of the people. A representative of the people. And above all, a servant of the people, elected by the people, to govern for the people. Not Omar Suleiman.

Er7al, Er7al ya Suleiman, Mish 3aizeenak Inta Kaman.


Written by BraveNewEgypt

February 1, 2011 at 7:28 pm

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