We Will Not Be Silenced

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Tamer Shaaban, a young Egyptian film-maker put together this inspirational video which has been doing the rounds on the internet the past few days.

Today we are singing, ‘Ya Mubarak Ya Gaban, Mish 3anerga3 Zay Zaman!’ Literally, that translates to Mubarak you coward, we won’t go back to the way we were. And we won’t. How could we. When your freedoms are so close to you, you can almost reach out and grab them, why would you put that to the side and go back to oppression. And what about those who died. 102 was the latest count. What did they die for? Our destiny is in our own hands. Freedom is a right that cannot be compromised, and we must not stop until we have it.

We will not be silenced. The people are with us, the army is with us, we must take what is rightfully ours.


Written by BraveNewEgypt

February 1, 2011 at 7:07 pm

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