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An Egyptian man shows a sketch portraying President Hosni Mubarak with the Star of David on his head.

“Ya Mubarak Ya 3ameel, Ya 3ameel Israel.”

Mubarak you agent of Israel. The past few days public emotion and passion for this Revolution has turned Mubarak into a demon. This is of no surprise; his failure to adhere to human rights, 30 years of autocracy and martial law, no civil right, unemployment, food shortages, widespread corruption and rigged election, and the list goes on. But Mubarak has done a few good things for Egypt, and I find it difficult to agree that was ‘an agent of Israel’.

Israelis certainly prefer him to anyone else. As do the Americans who will do anything to ensure that Israel is ‘secure’. Mubarak has ensured that Egypt maintained its peace with Israel for 30 years, despite public opinion still being overwhelmingly against Israel and its occupation of Palestine. The occupation itself is an affront to humanity and in the eye’s of an Egyptian, Mubarak should have and could have done more with regards to it. Unfortunately, he didn’t. Despite his inaction however, he ensured that Egypt did not go to war.

Today, there is overwhelming support for Mubarak from Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu said this:

“We encourage the promotion of values of freedom and democracy in the Middle East,”  “if extremist forces are allowed to take advantage of democratic processes in order to take power, like what happened in Iran and other places, the consequences will mean that peace and democracy are hurt.”

Israel is no doubt afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood taking over. But this Revolution isn’t about the MB. Egyptians don’t want them to take over. Egyptians, as do almost all Arabs, and all people, simply want their basic freedoms and human rights, and the ability to democratically choose who they wish to serve them in office. It’s just that simple. Israel however is afraid of extremism, despite Netanyahu himself  being a far-right Conservative and head of the NeoCon Likud Party in Israel, which is notorious for its anti-Arab positions. There is so much hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to Israel that it is almost impossible to discuss.

We realise that Israel exists as a state and we respect that. We respect that we have a Peace Treaty with them. No one wants war. But Israel must realise that this Revolution does not have anything to do with Egypt’s stance on Israel. It has to do with the Egyptian people’s demands domestically. By publicly backing Mubarak, Netanyahu is simply garnering more and more dislike from Egyptians who aren’t even interested in him in the first place.

Mubarak has a positive legacy when it comes to Israel. He kept the peace. And that is commendable, no matter how many mistakes he has made.


Written by BraveNewEgypt

February 1, 2011 at 8:58 pm

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